Riverview Golf Club Bulletin

2019 AGM Summary

The AGM took place today at 2 PM at the Riverview Golf Course clubhouse and we had an excellent turnout as the room was packed. The meeting was extremely informative, open, transparent, positive, and set the tone for the upcoming year. The members and guests in attendance were introduced to Doug Braithwaite, our new Manager, Carmon Dewald our superintendent, and to Kelli and Dylan Ireland who will be operating the Food and Beverage services at the Golf Club. Additionally, Derek Hirsch, from EBT Chartered Accountants provided the Clubs financials and was appointed as the auditor.

The meeting was chaired by Vice President Bill Duncan. The current board was approved to remain in place for this year, as they have worked very hard and operated well together since being elected in the fall of 2018 and the continuity will benefit all stakeholders. The financial status of the club was provided and will be made available to all members on the website in the member’s section in the coming days.

We encourage all members to visit the “new” website frequently as it will be updated regularly. The member section will have all the bulletins and newsletters, bylaws, financial information etc. It is our goal to communicate effectively and regularly with our members.

We anticipate a fun year and once the snow leaves and the temperatures return to “normal” we look forward to seeing everyone at the golf club and at the many events we will be hosting.